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We're Anatomy Health

Design thinking for healthcare

Capture attention.
Aid understanding.
Encourage change.

We help healthcare organisations write and design simpler and more effective communication.

We do it using the evidence on what works.

We specialise in health and medical communication
(print and digital, of course).

We love working on patient support
(it’s a speciality of ours).

We help organisations respond to the health literacy challenge
(check out the statistics).

  • 61% of English working age adults routinely do not understand health information provided to them

  • 50% of verbal instructions are forgotten within 5 minutes

  • 43% percent of working-age adults will struggle to understand instructions to calculate a childhood paracetamol dose

Products and services

We work with life science companies, charities, digital health companies and government organisations.
If you work in health and want to do things right, we can help.

Health Content Checkup

Produce materials for patients or the public? Then our proprietary evaluation tool is a great entry point for organisations that want to understand how to apply the evidence of health literacy and usability to your materials.

Patient information

Need to develop new content for patients or the public? We use evidence-backed methods to structure, write and design engaging health content.

Healthcare copywriting

Are you a healthcare company or agency in need of creative or medical copywriting support? We bring our unique world view and approach to help craft truly effective communication.

Training and consulting

Need help knowing what ‘good’ looks like or developing effective health content? We provide professional training, develop organisational plans to promote clear communication, and more.


We’re an independent group of experts who all believe in the power of design thinking in health. We range from writers and designers to behaviour change experts and digital specialists. We bring together the team to meet the requirements of your project.

Oliver Childs

Founder and Director
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“People with the greatest health burdens have the least access to health care information that they can understand. Anatomy Health is changing that.”

Bryce Groves

Creative Director
“Clear & credible communications are essential in a world where you’re fighting for attention. Good design underpins understanding.”

Linne Jenkin

Writer and Designer
“Copy and design should work in tandem to increase the chances someone will understand and act on the information.”

Jo Owens

“Clear health communications improve patient experience and even outcomes”

Bhupi Rehal

Digital Lead
Director at VDB London

Nikki House

Market Research Partner
In-House Research
“Our global network of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients can help you understand how your messages work in the real world”


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Articles from the team on health information design, health literacy, user-centred design and much more!

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