6 in 10 UK adults do not understand the health information that’s provided to them. We can help you change that.

We're Anatomy Health

We make health information simpler

Print, web, video... whatever the format, the evidence shows that simpler patient information is more likely to engage and motivate your patients.

  • 61% of English working age adults routinely do not understand health information provided to them

  • 50% of verbal instructions are forgotten within 5 minutes

We're experts in the anatomy of health information design


We review your patient-focused support and services to identify evidence-backed recommendations for improvement.


Simplicity isn’t simple. We develop audience appropriate and actionable health information.


We look at the information environment for your patients. What’s missing? What channels are patients engaging with? Where can your brand help?

Our team

Oliver Childs

Health Information Director

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“People with the greatest health burdens have the least access to health care information that they can understand. Anatomy Health is changing that.”

Shai Blackwell

Managing Director

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“Simple information is pivotal to any exchange between a patient and a provider of a healthcare tool, technology or service.”

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